HP System Recovery

HP System Recovery: Restore Original Settings of Your Computer

HP system recovery is an efficient way to restore the original settings of the HP desktops and laptops. It is basically used to fix bugs, minor technical shortcomings and improve the functioning of your device.

How System Recovery Does Useful?

  • It is the best way to troubleshoot basic technical errors like system file errors, and registry issues.
  • Recover and restore the data from the infected data files.
  • It scans the disks and device memory to find the errors.

Types of System recovery:

HP System recovery has three different types and every type of recovery target different issue. Choose your recovery type from the following:

  • System recovery: It is best suitable when you want to clean and format the drive C: on your HP computer. Also, it removes and re-install the operating system, software and drivers installed already. It is only used to re-format and the disk and doesn’t affect the created disk partitions anyway. Above all, it only targets the drive with OS installed.


  • Factory Reset: Factory reset removes all partitions, clean the entire hard drive. Also, it re-install the operating system, hardware drivers and software installed. It works on the disk partition and re-creates the Recovery partitions i.e. Drive D:


  • Minimized Image recovery: It removes and re-creates all the user made as well as recovery partitions. Also, it formats the operating system, hardware drivers and re-install the necessary

Different ways to perform System recovery on your HP devices

There are chances that you may lose data files while performing a factory reset. Also, the data stored on the hard drive could be lost, so it is recommended to back up your important data first.

System Recovery from Windows XP desktop:

  • Remove the connected peripherals such as a mouse, keyboards, hard drives or USB cables.
  • Go Start menu, click “All programs” and then HP tools.
  • Select HP PC System Recovery>>Recovery and then Yes when asked “Do you really want system recovery
  • Select “Yes” to continue.
  • When the Recovery page prompts, click “Next” and then “Yes” for normal recovery.
  • In order to start the destructive or advanced HP System recovery click Advanced and then Yes.
  • Once the recovery is complete, the device with start working normally.

HP System Recovery without using Windows:

  • Disconnect the external devices such as keyboard, mouse, and USB cables connected to your computer or laptop.
  • Start your computer
  • When the Blue HP screen appears, Press and hold F 10 key until you see the recovery menu. FYI, the progress indicator only represents the time before the recovery process not the status of recovery.
  • Now click “Next” on the recovery screen and then click “Yes” for non-destructive recovery.
  • In order to perform a destructive recovery, click “Advanced” and then “Yes”.
  • After the completion of recovery, the computer starts normally.

HP system recovery requires technical skill-set, knowledge of disk partitions and other associated technical details. Also, smart and quick actions are the key to healthy system recovery, or else it can cause more harm than good. So, if you are looking for any help to perform HP system recovery on your device, call HP customer service number for immediate help and support.

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