fix Paper Jam issue on HP Printer

How To fix Paper Jam issue on HP Printer

A printer is integrated component for individuals to make smart working. HP printers come with different models and latest features. HP Company is launching different series of a printer for customers. It is incorporating with new aspects that help to convert hard copy to soft copy. It is rich brand value on accessing the device. Printers assist to take prints of a bulk of soft copy at the short time. Tech support team of the printer gives professional support to all users. HP Printer Technical Support Number get help from friendly technical experts at the specific time. Our support number connects with professionals to eradicate risks which occurred on the printer.

Aspects of choosing tech support number:

HP Printer Support Phone Number has the solution for each technical glitch.  Our experts are highly knowledgeable and certified in the industry to offer the instant solution to any clients. According to you queries they undergo support service to resolve paper jam issues. A user gets quick help from experts at any time with the HP toll-free number. HP Printer Support is available to sorting issues that affecting performance of the output.  Through online, you acquire assistance service from professionals. The support number gives the exact solution at the affordable cost to our clients.

Steps to resolve paper jam issues:

HP Printer Tech Support is the preferable choice from lots of printer users in these days. Printers exist with various sizes used by different industries. Majority of HP printer users are facing paper jamming issues. To resolve issues our tech support team is the best choice to acquire exact solution for issues. By using efficient tool paper jamming problems are resolved by technicians. HP printers are highly compatible to use and make printing elegantly. For these issues, professionals provide you best and remove any risks on your required time. It assists to increase performance and speed of the printer.

  • A user has to turn off a printer, unplug power card in the electrical outlet
  • Switch on rear access door counter to be clockwise, you have to pull the door toward to you
  • Now, you have to clean pressure rollers on a rear door by using the free cloth moistened with filtered water
  • Just wait ten minutes to dry rollers
  • Remove paper which jammed on the rear door
  • If the paper cannot be removed from the door, you should remove it from the front of a printer
  • Take out the remaining paper on the input tray
  • Remove if a paper is crumpled or damaged, re-stack and keep the paper on the tray
  • You have to reinstall the rear door
  • Finally, reconnect the power cord to a printer and turn on the printer.

We use quality of components to rid issue. So, choose the printer support service to resolve paper jam issues. At any time you might contact technicians to remove issues which affect the performance of printing. Contact our  HP tech support number +1-800-318-4042 and eliminate paper jam issue easily.

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