How to fix HP Printer Error E1-400x241

How to Fix HP Printer Error 49.4c02?

HP printers 49.4c02 is one of the commonly occurring bug-based error which disturbs the entire functioning of HP printing devices. IT originates from the job queue of the printer and move to other parts as well. HP customer service suggests you keep one job at a time in the queue to avoid such errors. For recovery steps, read below.

Here is how HP printer error 49.4c02 can be resolved:

Delete the jobs from the queue:

This error can be deleted simply by removing the jobs from the queue. Locate the printer’s icon on your device, and tap right to open. Delete all jobs from the queue and go to the next step.

Print a test page:

Once you are done clearing the printer job-queue, turn off your printer for a while. Make sure you disconnect all cables from your printer before turning it off. Wait for few minutes before starting it back.

Now, start the computer and check whether printer shows up in a ready state while the cable is disconnected and if it does, print a test page.

If you can successfully able to print a test page, the error was caused because of job-queue and has been resolved now.

Shut the advanced printing features:


If you have enabled the advanced printing features on your HP printer, it’s time to close it for a while, as it can invite errors like error 49.4c02

  • Click on Windows logo on your printer
  • Select the printer’s queue
  • Now, click left and select Printing preferences
  • Click on Advanced option
  • Select Advanced Printing features, under Document option.
  • Select Disabled

Switch from Franklin Gothic Book font:

HP error code 49.4c02 can be due to the printing font Franklin Gothic Book font which is a common reason for many other issues as well.

Perform the below-given steps for resolving this issue:

  • If you have installed PCL 5e, and PCL 6, choose “send true type as bitmaps” in the settings of “Advanced tab” of drivers.
  • If you have the PS drivers installed, choose True Type Front Download in Bitmap Also, under the “Advanced” tab select “PostScript Option”.

Flash and update the firmware:

In order to update or Flash your printer’s firmware, try the below-given steps:

  • Turn on your printer
  • Make sure it has “Ready” status on the LCD.
  • Print a test page
  • Then update the firmware, try the below-given steps:
  • Click on the Select
  • From the information menu, press on the Down
  • Hit Next button.
  • On the Print Configuration page, press the Down
  • Click Select to print a test page.

The test page includes the firmware date and revision date.

  • Now, click Start and then Run
  • In the box stating Open, type CMD and COMMAND.
  • Tap on OK
  • Under the directory section where the firmware is saved, just like C: FIRMWARE, and provide the path on the command
  • Tap on Enter
  • On the command window enter /B *.RFU LPT1
  • Click Enter, copy the firmware file and upgrade your firmware.
  • For successful updates, you will get a message stating Receiving updates.

Make sure that while updating your firmware, nothing interfere in the process, as it can damage the firmware as well as printer’s functioning.

If the above-given method isn’t helpful enough, and you are seeking real-time assistance, call upon HP support phone number and get support from the experts in no time.

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