How to fix Blue Screen Error in HP Computer

How to Fix Blue Screen Error in HP Computers

The Blue Screen is one of the most common error occurs in Desktop. This error is also known as STOP error as completely blocks the operating system.

There could be several reasons behind blue screen or death of screens such as hardware faults or driver errors. The BSOD effects generate an error code which differs for every cause of Blue screen.

Your computer will crash or reboot after blue screen effect. Blue screen error can cause data loss and hence it is necessary to back-up your system data time-to-time.

Though we all admire the quality of HP computers there is no control over blue screen effect, but it is important to resolve it on an immediate basis.

Here is how one can resolve blue screen in HP computers or contact HP Computer Support Phone Number +1-800-318-4042 for any further assistance.

Foremost step is to disable the auto-restart ability of Windows so that you can get time to note error code.

  • Go to control panel>>System and Security>>System
  • Go to advanced settings located at sidebar.
  • Click the option “Advance”.
  • Now select the “startup and recovery” option under “Startup” bar.
  • Undo the Automatic start option from System failure settings.
  • Press “ok” and close all tabs.

Recover Blue Screen effect.

There are no particular reasons for Blue Screen Death of Windows. One must look for the reason by analyzing your last few activities. Suh as installing wrong drivers on your desktop can load your system to screen death.

Backup Desktop:

Before implementing any troubleshooting idea, one should back up the crucial data. Try to restore your system, so that you can regain an original state of your desktop. Alternatively, you can back up your data using the external hard drive. If you are able to create a backup, there is a possibility that the recently installed software is causing screen error.

Scan for Virus:

Blue screen death can be mainly caused by virus and malware attacks. The virus disturbs your registry settings and causes crashes in your system. So, make sure your system has a potent anti-virus software.

Update system drivers.

Drivers assure the smooth connection between desktop and hardware. An infected software can destroy the system utilities of your devices. This will promote BSOD. Always make you use install correct and genuine drivers from official resources. Also to resolve BSOD updating drivers can resolve your problem to a great extent.


If nothing works for you, the error can troubleshoot with help of HP Laptop Support. There is toll-free HP Desktop Support Number available that can redirect you to specialize team of HP experts who are working 24X7 to resolve technical glitches such as BSOD.

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