How can I use the HP Smart app to print from OneDrive on Apple iOS?

The Print with HP Smart option is not available for the iOS share menu with OneDrive documents and photos. This is how you can print from OneDrive from iOS device;

  • Print from the file icon: Go to Menu bar and select Open in another and then Copy to HP Smart.
  • Print from an open document and photo: Click on Share>>Send File and then Copy to HP Smart.
  • Try to use another application: Click on the Menu icon and then select Print and select directly from OneDrive.

I have forgotten the wireless router login. What can I do?

If you are not able to login to your wireless router, check the printer’s manual for the default login credentials. If you are using the same login credentials from the beginning, this is going to help you. If you have reset the login password for your printer, you can use the manufacturer’s method to reset your password. Most of the routers include the Reset button, this will help you restore the default settings and solve your problem

Why my HP printer is not scanning? How can I solve it

If you are not a regular scanner user, this issue is more likely to happen with your HP printer. So, to resolve this issue, but the below-given points can be useful to resolve this issue:

  • Go to the Control panel of your printer, and print the Wireless Network Test Report, you can get the IP address from the printed copy.
  • On the web browser of your computing device, type the IP address and click Return.
  • An option namely Webscan will appear on your screen.
  • Follow the prompts and start scanning.

How can I find the wireless network name (SSID)?

ISP is the supplier of your router, most of the time the router has a label attached which has the ISP name written over it. You can get the SSID from a wireless router, by following the steps given underneath:

  • Open your web browser and go to the Configuration page of your wireless router.
  • Type the IP address of your printer in the address field.
  • Enter the username and password for your router.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to open the configuration settings which includes the SSID.

Why am I getting more than one SSID on the configuration page?

When you set up a wireless network, it will display all the wireless networks available in the area. So, there are chances you may get the more than one SSID listed on the configuration page. To avoid this, make sure you know the correct SSID name and encrypt it to prevent the connection of undesired SSID.

I am not able to see my SSID on the list of networks. How to add?

The wireless setup looks for all the available wireless network in the area. But if your wireless network is not there in the list of network, do the following:

  • Make sure the router is configured to broadcast the SSID.
  • The distance matters so try to bring your HP printer closer to the router so that it can connect with it. Also, ensure that you keep your wireless routers away from the walls.
  • Make sure your router is turned on. If it’s powered on, then restart your printer device and search for the wireless network. Sometimes the microwaves of various devices intrude in the connection of your printer and wireless router.

Cannot connect my HP laptop to external devices using Bluetooth. How to fix it?

Go to the Start menu and select settings>>update and security>windows update and select check for updates. If the laptop is updated, you can try to update Bluetooth from device manager:

  • Go to Start menu and search for device manager and choose it from the results.
  • Search for the Network adapters and expand the list
  • Now, look for the Bluetooth driver and right-click on the Update driver.
  • If the issue persists, you can remove and re-install the driver for Bluetooth.

My HP computer is running slow. How can I optimize the speed?

Improving the speed and performance of HP computer includes a hue of steps. First of all, clear the hard disk space from temporary files to boost the performance of your device. Try to move heavier files from hard disk to external hard drive. Also, clearing up the recycling bin can be one of the many methods to achieve the optimum speed. Here are few other methods:

  • Update the software and drivers.
  • Update the BIOS.
  • Hard-drive defragmentation can help.
  • Remove virus, malware or other malicious content.
  • With the help of task manager find the software using most of the resources.

How can I determine virus on my HP desktop?

The virus can make your computer unstable and affect the efficiency of your device. But identifying is quite a complex task without any antivirus, sometimes even your antivirus fails to determine the stubborn virus. So. Here are few symptoms that you might have a virus on your HP desktop:

  • Sudden fall in the speed of your device.
  • Applications are taking longer time than usual.
  • Any unusual or unknown applications or icons.
  • Web browser closes unexpectedly.
  • Change in the security settings of your computer.
  • Unnecessary pop-ups.
  • Sudden access to hard disk.

How can I upgrade Win 10 from Home to Pro?

Installing any of the version for Win 10 can be done by changing the product key. So, if you are using Win 10 Home than upgrade your product key for the respective version you want. Such as you can change the Win 10 Home key to Win 10 Pro by replacing the product key.

Why Computer won’t get the sign in screen? What’s the Solution?

Power on the HP laptop and immediately press the Esc key and keep pressing until you get the menu with F2 System Diagnostic appears on your screen. Hit the F2 key and run the test. Follow the on-screen prompts to diagnose the errors.

My Hp laptop doesn’t start up? How to fix it?

HP computer startup problems require hard reset as troubleshooting. This problem can promote several other problems, so one must resolve it in the immediate manner to get rid of. Do the below-given actions to resolve:

  • Remove all the attached accessories from your HP computers, such as USB cables or external drives.
  • Detach the Ac adapter and battery from your laptop and hold the power button for few seconds to remove the left power and restore the startup settings.
  • Plug the AC adapter, and Hold the Power button, check for all the LED lights such as Caps lock and Num lock and check whether Fan is working normally.
  • Insert the battery and try using the laptop.

My Hp scanner has stopped working after Windows 10 update?

The one reason can be the partially completed update. To check the status of update you can search for the “update and recovery” and select the Windows update. Check that is the update has updated all installed software as well.  Now restart your device before you start to fix the problem.

Now check the connection of your desktop with a printer. If it prompts you to “Add a printer” screen, you need to fix the connection first. Another way to resolve the issue is to uninstall the printer’s software from Programs and features and re-install it again.

How to resolve the PC-scanner communication issues?

If even after connecting your scanner to the computer, the scanner’s icon won’t show up. When you try to use the scanner, a message saying “scanner not found” appears on your screen.

  • Turn off your computer and scanner.
  • Check the power cable and make sure it’s strongly connected with the wall socket.
  • Make sure the cable connecting the scanner and computer is properly inserted.
  • Turn on your devices.
  • At last, open the Control panel and re-configure the scanner.

My scanner is producing Grinding noises. What to do?

If while operating your scanner, you hear the grinding noises, it’s a big reason to worry about. This can happen if the scanner is locked. The lock ensures the used to secure the light bar, but using the scanner with the lock on can cause the grinding noises. If the issues persist even after unlocking the scanner, overheating or any loose component can be the reason behind the annoying noises you hear. So, unlock your scanner and turn off your scanner. Leave it off overnight and try using it the next morning.

Why I am facing a paper jam issue in my scanner ADF?

The paper jam can be caused due to the paper stuck in Automatic Document Feeder on your HP scanner. To make your ADF work in a normal pace, follow the below-given steps;

  • If you can see the paper stuck on your ADF, open the scanner, pull the paper gently toward your side. Don’t exert much pressure at it can cause the paper to tear.
  • First, pull the hatch and if the paper is not accessible, lift the paper input tray. Avoid touching any part inside the ADF as the components are quite sensitive and can touch can destroy the machine.
  • Read the user’s manual to read more about using ADF.

How to enlarge an image without distorting it?

If after enlarging your image, it produces rough edges, the image can look dull or blur. To avoid this, follow the given tips:

  • Scan the image once again.
  • The “Change output size” can help you enlarge the image without affecting its quality.

The scanner produces different coos than original after scanning. How to avoid it?

If the scanned images differ from original, try the following:

  • Sometimes the low ink level can be the reason for coloring issues. So replacing cartridges is the solution.
  • If you have an image editor installed, use it as a destination program and edit the image using it.
  • If you ate scanning an image from Mac and sending it to Windows, the colors may differ and this happens due to the different color scheme followed by the different operating system.
  • You can use external utilities to match with the colors of the source with the destination.